Muchmore Lipobag Battery Wärmer Safety Bag

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Product no.: MM-MR-FSB3

Manufacturer information: Muchmore

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Muchmore Lipo Bag Battery Warmer Safety Bag / Liposack / Lipoheizer

Lipobag mit integrierter Heizung

Mehr Power durch ideale Betriebstemparatur...

Including built-warming circuit in Battery Warming Safety Bag, it will maintain a temperature of the battery pack. Charging in low temperature condition curtails battery discharging ability.Battery Warming Safety Bag keep the optimum temperature for battery, can lead to the best output. It maintain battery internal temperature of 38.5, and also keep the safety bag at 30 degrees. Extra safety bimetal circuit can maintain the internal temperature stably.

Expect the best battery output in Stock Class.

Connect 12V DC power supply.

Input Voltage : 7.4V - 13.8V

Use only this safety bag in low temperature (Under 15? / 59 ? )

Never leave a charging battery unattended. Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface. Ensure flap is sealed while charging. The Barrery Warming Safety Bag is intended to reduce the chance of damage in the event of a lipo fire.

Muchmore Racing Li-Po Safeguard is made of the fireproof fiber inside the bag.

Even if battery burn out, Li-Po Safeguard bag keep safe from a fire.

It have double covers made fireproof fiber.

Because double covers wrap the battery. it's more safe from explosion.

Also you can use like storage bag normally.


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